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Martin Mevald

° Patch for Drupal6 (and Pressflow6 too) cache

° Patch for Ubercart hidden checkout error (uc_cart version: 6.x-2.15)

° This Julia Gist generates the character set mapping dictionaries from the mappings files (8 bit characters to Unicode; and it decodes the text from a given code page.

° Detection (Javascript): Click (Desktop) or Touch (Touch device)? (demo)

° Hot-air balloon – photos and wallpapers for download

° My Gists on Github

° SOPA STRIKE - Largest online protest in history

° Interesting bookmarks on my Twitter page

° Interesting Bookmarks (..., VIM builtin FTP/SCP pluggin, LFTP, PHP-IDE, Python, Tools for Windows, IDN, jQuery presentations, The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, @font-face Generator, Ubuntu NFS, YaBasic - Yet Another BASIC, Web Tools, MultimediaWiki, Orbit Downloader, SNA LinkedIn, The Document Foundation, IPv6, WebDAV, 2012 phenomenon, Firebird, MySQL forks, Virtual Server Cloud Hosting in Czech Republic, Pageranks)

° My small VPS with Drupal, Drupal modules and themes, Wysiwyg module (not used; used ckeditor), Drupal modules dependencies, Drupal more modules dependencies (including Display Suite)

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